CHQ - Spineless Republican Senate Colleagues on the Warpath Against Jim DeMint

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Spineless Republican senate colleagues on the warpath against Jim DeMint
Politico - So much for the "party unity" that they preach whenever a wishy-washy establishment candidate wins a primary (such as Dan Coats in Indiana)  as "some" of Sen. Jim DeMint's Republican colleagues are openly criticizing him for what they see as actions to help conservatives and not the Party.

Liberals' new meme is that constitutional originalists are the 'religious zealots' of politics
American Thinker - Mark Fitzgibbons writes on the latest attempts by liberals to paint the Tea Parties in a disapproving light, this time labeling them as mindless and dangerous "fundamentalists" to negatively associate them with radical groups such as Al Qaeda. Fitzgibbons concludes:  "To those of us who believe the Constitution is the law that government must follow, or amended only as provided in that governing document and not through fiat or usurpation, transparent attacks devoid of fact and logic merely remind us how important it is that we proceed and succeed."

Joseph Farah:  "Pledge to America" is a good start, but doesn't go far enough
World Net Daily - "If Republicans want to do more than ride a wave of popular opinion against the Democrats, they need to reflect values beyond the material." 

Ted Nugent:  The GOP should swear allegiance to smaller government -- Washington Times

Dick Morris:  2010 will obliterate a generation of Democrats -- Real Clear Politics

Tightening Connecticut race weakens Democrats' final firewall between them and loss of Senate -- Daily Caller

New York Senate race offers yet another conservative David versus liberal Goliath story -- Washington Examiner

Erick Erickson doubts the GOP leadership has learned its lesson (video) -- Human Events

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