NHDP - Why Hasn't Palin Showed?

Concord, NH- As Republican presidential hopefuls continue to flock to the Granite State, why hasn't Sarah Palin made a visit yet? Since wading into New Hampshire this summer to endorse GOP senate candidate Kelly Ayotte, Palin has been noticeably silent, even struggling to remember Ayotte's name when prompted on national TV.
On the other hand, Ayotte has embraced the failed VP candidate, saying she is "proud to have her support" and that the ex-Alaskan governor has an open invitation to come to New Hampshire whenever she likes. [FOX News, 9/24/10; AP, 9/29/10].
Which begs the question - why would Palin turn down an open invitation to the first in the nation primary state?  
"Is Team Ayotte telling their Mama Grizzly to keep quiet, given her abysmal approval ratings in New Hampshire? Or is Sarah Palin just not enthused with her chosen Granite Grizzly?" said Emily Browne, Press Secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "There's a deluge of 2012 Republican ambition sweeping across New Hampshire, but the ultimate Tea Party darling is noticeably leaving Ms. Ayotte and the NH GOP high and dry."