CHQ - Sen. Lisa Murkowski's 'Alaska Mafia' and Living Off the Public Dole Noticed

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Today's message on Twitter from Richard Viguerie:

A stupid statement: Obama 08 campaign manager says if GOP doesn't win House, Senate, all major Gov races they have had colossal failure#tcot

Sen. Lisa Murkowski's 'Alaska Mafia' and living off the public dole
Washington Examiner - Timothy Carney exposes the reasons why certain Big Government, pork-loving Alaskans, and a cadre of mostly former staffers for Murkowski and other Alaska lawmakers were so distraught over Sen. Lisa Murkowski's loss in the GOP primary, and why powerful K Street lobbying interests are behind her write-in bid against Republican Joe Miller. 

Arizona's conservative Ruth McClung is taking off like a rocket in a heavily Democratic district
American Spectator (blog) - A few weeks ago, Michelle Malkin profiled the promising young conservative Ruth McClung
, running in Arizona's 7th district against ultra-liberal Democrat Rep. Raul Grijalva (lifetime ACU rating 2.86%). Robert Stacy McCain follows up on the story, reporting that McClung (who is a physicist) is shooting up "like a rocket" in the polls, with several showing her tied or slightly in the lead over the radical, liberal open-borders favoring Grijalva.

Will 2010 offer the most conservative electorate in decades? -- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli steals the show at Virginia Tea Party Convention -- Roanoke Times

New York's Joe DioGuardi says he's the "loudmouth Republican" that could win Hillary Clinton's old Senate seat -- Daily Caller

Most recent Gallup analysis of likely voters predicts historic wave of conservatives -- Gallup Poll

Four previously unknown candidates in particular -- Ryan Frazier, Jeff Perry, Austin Scott, or Randy Demmer -- could make a big difference for GOP in midterms -- Washington Post

Even political prognosticator Charlie Cook is considering bending the rules to forecast more doom for the Democrats --

Rep. Mike Pence: Odds favor Supreme Court striking down Obamacare -- The Hill (blog)

Former Speaker Newt Gingrich still knows how to rhetorically rile 'em up -- Politico

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Richard A. Viguerie