Sheriff Chris Conley also featured in ad; Mother asks: "Governor, can you tell these girls they're safer now?"

Manchester, NH – In a powerful new ad, "90 Days" Cornerstone features both Carroll County Sheriff, Chris Conley, and the parents of a victim effected by the new "SB500 law," Michael and Jacci Gilmore.  The Gilmore's story was first brought to light in a story by the Conway Daily Sun (CDS, 10/1/10) in which it was revealed that their 18-year old daughter was stalked and her 16-year old friend was assaulted by a sexual predator who was convicted three times before.  For violating his parole, the Gilmore's were initially informed that the predator, 31-year old Michael Seibel, would be headed back to prison for five years, but then were subsequently informed that under the new early release law, he could only get 90 days maximum in jail.

The new ad, "90 Days", opens with a quote from Adult Parole Board member, Gregory Crompton, in which he told the Associated Press: "I pray nothing happens to the citizens of New Hampshire."

Commenting on the new ad was Cornerstone Action's Executive Director, Kevin Smith:

"Why the Governor cannot simply see the gravity of the situation at this point is deeply unsettling.  Members of both parties have admitted this was a major oversight in the law and that a change needs to be made immediately to keep our communities safer.  The Governor and the legislature need to put partisan politics aside for the sake of public safety, or else risk creating more situations like the Gilmore's."

The ad, to begin airing statewide on WMUR today ($150k buy), was timed to coincide when the legislature goes back into session tomorrow to take up bills the Governor has vetoed.  It is highly expected that members of both the House and the Senate will also move to suspend the rules in an effort to amend certain provisions of the new law as a result of SB500.


See the new TV ad "90 Days" by clicking HERE (or pasting:


Below is the script of the new tv ad, "90 Days"


EFX: "I pray nothing happens to the citizens of New Hampshire."

 - Gregory Crompton, Adult Parole Board Member, 10/5/10 


Sheriff Chris Conley

John Lynch told us his prisoner release law makes New Hampshire

safer. But it doesn’t.


Jacci Gilmore

Our 18-year old daughter was stalked, her 16-year old classmate was sexually assaulted by a

predator who was convicted three times before.


Michael Gilmore

For violating parole, he was facing five or more years in jail. This new law gets

him out in just 90 days.



Governor, can you tell these girls they’re safer now?


Sheriff Conley

John Lynch doesn’t get it. It’s time for a change.



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