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Labor 2010

The AFL-CIO office is buzzing with release staff, phones are ringing off the hook, members are talking to members in their neighborhood and we want you to join us! We have a variety of upcoming volunteer opportunities that we would like you to join us at – together we can elect candidates who will work for us!
  •  Tuesday October 12th from 5:30-8pm, NH AFL-CIO, 161 Londonderry Tnpk, Hooksett.
  •  Thursday, October 14th from 5:30-8pm, IBEW 490 Office, 48 Airport Road, Concord.
  •  Saturday, October 16th from 9-noon, AFT 1044, 7C Taggart Drive, Nashua.
  •  Thursday, October 21st at 5:30pm, Coordinators' Meeting, NH AFL-CIO Office.
Also be sure to save the date to join us on the streets while we hold signs to support our endorsed candidates before the debates. We will meet up at 5pm.
                October 25th – CD 1
                October 26th- CD 2
                October 27th- Gubernatorial
                October 28th- US Senate
Training: Tomorrow is the last day to register for Grievance 101 and Advanced Grievance Training. Please contact jclark@nhaflcio.org to obtain a registration sheet.
So our friends at the AFL-CIO’s community affiliate Working America created Job Tracker—a website that exposes which companies are guilty of outsourcing our jobs. Just enter your ZIP code, and Job Tracker will find corporate traitors near you.

Search your area for companies that have sent jobs overseas, risked the safety and health of workers or violated their rights.
Public Citizen recently released new data that shows where workers have lost jobs in the US, TAA certifications, and where jobs went offshore.
The National Women’s Law Center released a report on the critical impact that unemployment has for women and their families. Click here to read the report.
The Center on Economic and Policy research conducted a study looking at older workers in the public sector in the age cohort from 55 to 65, the near-retirees and early retirement benefit-eligibles, almost one-in-three (31.8 percent) state and local government employees had physically demanding jobs in 2009. Nearly a fifth (19.9 percent) of these workers had difficult working conditions in their jobs. This amounts to about two-in-five (that is, more than 1.4 million) state and local government workers in either physically strenuous jobs or jobs with difficult working conditions. Notably, almost half (47.5 percent) of local government employees between ages 55 to 65 held difficult jobs (physically demanding jobs or jobs with difficult working conditions) in 2009. See Hard Work in the Public Sector.
Update: Insurer Pricing Information Now Available on HealthCare.gov
As of last week, the Insurance Finder on HealthCare.gov now includes important new pricing and benefits information about private health insurance plans offered to individuals and families - giving consumers the power to compare cost estimates and benefits offered by different plans head-to-head. Information includes:
  • Monthly premium estimates
  • Cost-sharing information, including annual deductibles and out-of-pocket limits
  • Major categories of services covered
  • The consumer's share of the cost of these services
Also included are two extremely important metrics that are available for the first time to the public: 
  • The percentage of people who applied for coverage and were denied
  • The percentage of applicants who were charged higher premiums due to their health status 
You can explore this new tool at http://finder.healthcare.gov/.
Reminder: New Health Reform Implementation Website & Blog
The Endowment for Health has a new website filled with information and resources related to health reform as well as an implementation blog with updates and opportunities to comment
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