AFP - Only 3 Weeks Left to Educate the People of New Hampshire

Americans for Prosperity has been a leading voice for less government, lower taxes and fewer regulations.  We have had over 300 candidates for public office sign our pledge.  Here in New Hampshire, AFP has been mobilizing grassroots activists with our Freedom Phone program and our National Canvassing program.

Aside from our grassroots activism, AFP has been at the forefront of holding our elected officials accountable.  We were the first group to point out Governor Lynch’s misguided priorities by releasing violent sex offenders in our television ad that may be viewed here.  Our second television spot of the season holds Representative Carol Shea Porter accountable for her support of Nancy Pelosi, rather than NH voters.  Our most recent television spot let voters know about Ann Kuster’s radical agenda.

AFP NH has spent over $300,000 educating voters in the past THREE WEEKS.  We cannot continue to get our message out without your support!  That’s why I’m asking that you contribute today.  Help us stay up on television and expand to radio as well with you generous support.   AFP cannot be ignored; we continue to be acknowledged by media sources throughout the state.

November is Coming!  Please contribute generously today so that we can hold our elected officials accountable. Your investment will leave a legacy of pro-growth, entrepreneur-friendly policies that expand prosperity and truly change the “rules of the game” by which government operates.



Corey R. Lewandowski
State Director
Americans for Prosperity NH

P.S.  There are only three weeks until voters go to the polls to support lower taxes and less regulation, we need your help.