CHQ - Virginia Tea Party Convention Takeaways by Eric Nielsen

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Today's message on Twitter from Richard Viguerie:

Another self-serving liberal cliché bites the dust:  ALL ELECTIONS ARE LOCAL.  False.  GOP only wins when elections are nationalized #TCOT

Virginia Tea Party Convention Takeaways by Eric Nielsen - staffer Eric Nielsen was there over the weekend at the large gathering of conservatives at the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Convention in Richmond, and here he shares his thoughts on what took place. Nielson says the Tea Party is certainly geared up for November's elections, but the movement is positioning itself to be a "watchdog" long after Election Day. Nielson also highlights Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli's prominent role at the convention. 

Wisconsin's Senate race includes all the themes of election season 2010
Politico -- Like a number of conservative Tea Party-supported GOP candidates this year, Wisconsin's Ron Johnson isn't just running to address the problems of Big Government, he's running to change the culture in Washington entirely. "If Johnson and others like him win, they seem less interested in plunging into specific legislation and more inclined to wage a philosophical messaging war to change the GOP and the nature of governance."

Political Speech Laws: The Ruling Class versus mom, pop -- and rape victims
American Thinker - Mark Fitzgibbons writes with disgust of the burdensome and downright hypocritical nature of campaign disclosure laws, which he says allow the "ruling class" to demagogue legitimate political speech yet may cause harm to everyday citizens who want to speak out and engage in the political process.

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Herman Cain:  I'm a Tea Partier and I'm not a racist, an extremist or a right-wing wacko -- World Net Daily 

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