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Gordon Duff
PHONY MARINE "Airport Spitter" Victim "Darling" of Right Wings Groups

"Colonel" Mike Hamilton Charged With Benefits Fraud and Much More...

Mike Hamilton of Fayetteville, North Carolina, was convicted recently of violating the "Stolen Valor Act."  Hamilton's Marine uniform sported 2 Navy Crosses, 4 Silver stars along with 74 other medals and ribbons.  When the Supreme Court overturned the "Stolen Valor Act" as unconstitutional, a violation of "freedom of speech," Hamilton's conviction was overturned.  He currently faces charges for other violations, perhaps even more curious ones, but Hamilton himself isn't the problem.  There are some serious questions as to whether "Colonel" Hamilton is competent to stand trial.  Today, veterans groups are swooping around Mike Hamilton like vultures, looking for a meal.  A few short months ago, he was the darling of the "rubber chicken" circuit, spouting the myths they wanted to hear, waving the flag and cheering on the horse manure of that is so popular to the American "right."
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