NHDP Executive Director Mike Brunelle's Statement on Frank Guinta's Refusal to Address Serious Ethics Complaints

Concord - New Hampshire Democratic Party Executive Director Mike Brunelle issued the followed statement after Frank Guinta refused to address the serious complaints he is facing with the Federal Elections Commission.  At a debate this morning, Frank Guinta did not reveal the source of a mysterious $500,000.00 bank account, or attempt to explain why he appears to be illegally coordinating with outside groups.

"Frank Guinta needs to start being honest with voters in the first Congressional district.  He has not revealed the source of his mysterious half a million dollar bank account which he has used to fund his campaign, nor has he explained why Revere America, a 501C4, appears to be illegally coordinating activities with him and funneling over a million dollars into New Hampshire Congressional races.  Rather than face these serious allegations head on, he has obfuscated and refused to be completely honest with Granite State citizens.

"Considering the significant amount of media attention these formal complaints are receiving both in New Hampshire and across the country, one would think that Mr. Guinta would address them and move on with his campaign.  But he hasn't done that.  Unless the true source of his mysterious bank account and the extent of his coordination with Revere America is worse than what has been reported thus far, what possible motive could Mr. Guinta have to continue refusing to be honest and come clean?"