CHQ - Richard Viguerie Warns GOP that Tea Party Began as Reaction to Their Failures

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Today's messages on Twitter from Richard Viguerie:

Viguerie to appear on CNN's Spitzer/Parker 8 PM EDT Thursday 10/14. Will a "fringe" conservative boost ratings?

Establishment GOP is still in denial on their failures and share of blame. Must go.  See my Politico article

Richard Viguerie warns GOP that Tea Party began as reaction to their failures
The Washington Examiner - Mark Tapscott writes, "Viguerie is right, of course, and his [Politico] oped ought to be a reminder that the Tea party movement is at its most fundamental a reaction to the horrendous mess [professional politicians] have made of things in the nation's capital."

Will the "Ruling Class" Right rescue vulnerable Democrats? -- Robert James Bidinotto exposes the utter hypocrisy of "ruling class right" organizations such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Rifle Association in supporting liberal incumbent Democrats over principled conservatives, solely for the "privilege" of keeping a reserved spot at the Big Government trough should the Democrats retain power. 

Do rankings accurately reflect how "conservative" a politician is?
American Conservative - The major media loves it when a self-labeled "conservative" politician is sent packing by the voters, but maybe it's time that we re-evaluate exactly what makes one "conservative," writes Jack Hunter.

Blockbuster:  Nevada's Sharron Angle raises $14 million in third quarter -- Hot Air

Global Warmists and the Cuccinelli Derangement Syndrome -- American Spectator (blog)

Why Iowa may lead the nation in the fight against judicial tyranny -- Pajamas Media 

Ann Coulter on the late Joseph Sobran:  Not your average Joe --

In life and death, Joseph Sobran was very much like Hamlet -- Fitzgerald Griffin Foundation

California's Tom Watson (23rd district) is running to return government to the People -- Noozhawk (Santa Barbara, CA)

For liberals and the GOP establishment against the Tea Party, their only recourse is to get personal -- Wall Street Journal

The Telegraph's top ten most influential people in the Tea Party - eh, maybe not -- Telegraph

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