NH Senate Republicans - Senate Democrats Block Efforts to Stop Mandatory Release of Violent / Sexual Offenders

Republicans Immediately File Bill to Restore Discretion to Parole Board

Concord, NH- Today, Democrats in the state senate refused to fix problems with a new law mandating early release for violent and sexual offenders.  

“I am disappointed the Democrats have chosen to ignore the pleas of the parole board and instead put the public safety of the citizens of this state at risk,” stated Senate Minority Leader Peter Bragdon (R-Milford). “Releasing violent and sexual offenders without giving consideration to the recommendation of the parole board can lead to significant unintended consequences”

Immediately following the rejection of this important public safety proposal, which occurred on the last day of the 2010 legislative session, all 10 Republican Senators signed the forms necessary to make the proposal the first senate bill filed in the upcoming session.  “Republicans tried to fix this problem under emergency circumstances today; unfortunately we were blocked, I am hopeful we can fix this law before any person’s safety is in jeopardy,” added Senator Bragdon.