CHQ - Richard Viguerie tangled with CNN’s Parker/Spitzer

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Richard Viguerie tangles with CNN's Parker Spitzer 8 PM Eastern tonight
Viguerie tells Kathleen Parker that she's no conservative and she is wrong regarding Bill Buckley.  CNN is dying because it is not any different from the left-wing reporting and commentary on NBC, CBS, or ABC.   

Feulner and DeMint:  Tea Partiers won't head for the door when the fun ends
Politico - Heritage Foundation President Ed Feulner and Sen. Jim DeMint address the question of whether America's Tea Parties really have any philosophical depth, and also whether they're likely to stay around after November's elections have proved their mettle. Feulner and DeMint say the answers are "yes" and "yes," providing the multitude of reasons why the Tea Parties' philosophy is deeply rooted in the history and traditions of this country, and the movement's unflinching dedication to Constitutional principle is what will keep them around long after the "party" is over in a few weeks.

Delaware's Christine O'Donnell says she's still fighting the GOP establishment
FOX News - Delaware conservative Senate nominee Christine O'Donnell debated her Democratic opponent (Chris Coons) on Tuesday night, and during the discussion she mentioned that she's still having to battle the establishment in her own Party in her fight to win the seat. 

South Carolina's Tim Scott looks to make history -- Human Events

Even wishy-washy Mike Huckabee says the GOP has to deliver in January -- Daily Caller

Joseph Sobran, Antiwar Prophet, RIP -- American Conservative

The Hill poll finds Republicans up in eight of ten competitive open-seat districts -- The Hill

In Wisconsin, it's political slickness (Russ Feingold) versus the truth (Ron Johnson) -- The New American

Sean Bielat's rise in Massachusetts may mean Barney Frank's days in Congress are numbered -- American Spectator

Tea Party-backed Allen West decries the "ruling class elite," hopes to win in South Florida -- Wall Street Journal

Tea Party warms to Tom Tancredo for governor of Colorado -- Washington Times

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