Fred Who? - Fred's Commercial Roars On: Keep our First Ad Running in NH

Keep our first ad running in New Hampshire

Dear Friend -

We have received an overwhelming response to our new ad, “Good Morning New Hampshire.”  It ran for a full week throughout the state last month.  There have also been over 4,000 views on YouTube and climbing!  Now we need your help to keep it running.  We want you to decide where our ad will appear.  Click on the commercial that you would like to buy:

Right now I am in New Hampshire, on my 8th trip here this year.  I have talked to literally thousands of people, and it is clear that we are on to something.  The enthusiasm received from Republicans, Independents and Democrats alike has been extraordinary.  Your support is crucial to help us to continue to gain the momentum we need.  

You can help us keep our great ad on the air!  

Pick a channel and buy a TV spot.  CLICK HERE for link to the new donate page.

Then enter which spot you’d like to buy.


Did you miss the ad?  See it right here (or click on image below)

Please help us spread the word.  Consider sending this email to your contacts and sharing our ad on your Facebook and Twitter pages by posting this text:

Check out this great ad by Fred Karger:

Help support our fight to change the debate.  CLICK HERE to contribute any amount right now.

Thank you!