The final 20 minutes of this week's "More Politically Alert" on will feature the final three speakers of the debate on the budget balancing bill during the special session in early June.  It's especially appropriate since candidates have gotten into a debate these days over whether or not a $70 million surplus really exists.  (The real reason I decided to run it is because the show airs originally live for an hour noon Wednesday, and I had to leave to get to Concord for the veto votes).  MPA will reair Thursday (tonight) at 6 p.m., Sunday at noon and next Tuesday at 11 p.m.  Then, an all new version will go live next Wednesday and we'll break tradition of not having guests by having a few candidates drop by...wanna guess who?
In Manchester, MPA is available on Channel 23.  Around the world, it can be viewed on the internet. and go to public access section.
Other highlights of this week's show:
--An update of the latest polls nationwide and some interesting percentage chances of who wins what.
--Some fun quotes (involving Gloria Allred, Meg Whitman, and socialism's failure!)
--Heard on the grapevine squeezing that NH House Dems are about ready to replace Norelli with David Campbell (I'm only reporting what I've heard from numerous sources).
--An indepth look of how Republicans are likely to go from 14-10 down to 14-10 up in the NH Senate.  A poll showing Hassan in trouble in Dist 23.
--Thumbs down to Chris Matthews for his Nazi reenactment buffoonery and to Russ Feingold for his Randy Moss mooning commercial.  Thums up to To Deblois for a fantastic campaign mailing piece (not negative) in District 18.
--Endorsements for Hillsborough county attorney and treasurer.  And for State Rep candidates in Ward 2.  (Plus a reendorsement of Dem Joel Winters on the West Side).
--What I learned on a trip to Vermont and Quebec.
--The miners in Chile!!
--A look at sample ballots and enrollment figures.
There's almost as much that I didn't have time for...incuding the Paladino bigoted comments in NY and a reading from the James Madison book.