Veterans Coalition for Bass - Kuster Supports Obama-Pelosi Healthcare Reform that VFW Says "Betrayed Our Veterans"

Coalition of Recognized NH Veteran Leaders Support Bass for Congress

Kuster Supports Obama-Pelosi Healthcare Reform that VFW Says

“Betrayed our Veterans”

Concord, NH- Republican Charlie Bass unveiled his Veterans for Bass Coalition today in a media conference that also criticized Democrat opponent Annie Kuster’s false attacks on Bass’ record, as well as her support for measures that would hurt our troops at home and abroad.

“My long record of supporting the men and women who fought to protect us and preserve our freedoms is well-documented,” said Charlie Bass. “I am truly honored to have the support of so many respected leaders from the New Hampshire veterans’ community, and I sincerely thank them, not only for their support, but for their service.” 

Paul Chevalier, a Veterans for Bass Coalition co-chair, said, "As the past State Commander of the VFW, I find Annie Kuster's line of attack as dishonest as it is disgusting. For someone who has no public record of helping veterans to claim that Charlie Bass cut veterans’ benefits - when she and her campaign know that it is a flat out lie - disrespects every veteran in New Hampshire. She should be ashamed of these tactics and we call on her to apologize to our nation's veterans and the voters. The bill she cites in her negative attacks actually increased veterans benefits by $4 billion dollars. Only in the mind of someone that will say anything to get elected could this be considered a cut."

Chevalier added, "Charlie Bass worked on our behalf to ensure that the Manchester VA Emergency Room stayed open in 2005. He fought to pass legislation that granted National Guard Reservists access to Tricare in 2006, and he helped lead the fight on the Concurrent Receipt, allowing all military retirees to collect VA Disability and Earned Retirement Benefits together. Due to his work, he was presented the VFW Appreciation Award for his dedicated service to the veterans of New Hampshire in 2001."

Coalition co-chair and VFW 1631 Chaplain Lynn Blankenbeker said, "It is clear to me and the thousands of veterans in New Hampshire’s 2nd District that Annie is utilizing the untrue talking points provided to her by Washington, D.C. Democrats as a smokescreen to hide her support for the Obama-Pelosi Healthcare Reform Bill that the VFW said ‘betrayed’ our veterans. Kuster has gone as far as stating that she would support cutting off funding for our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. Kuster has made it clear that she can never be right for New Hampshire's veterans."

Co-chair Bob Giuda, a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps, American Legion member, and Naval Academy Alumni Association life member, added, "Our friend Charlie Bass is on the receiving end of one of the worst types of political attacks, a lie. Annie Kuster has allowed her campaign to veer in a direction that cannot be corrected, and she should be held accountable by voters on November 2. Charlie's record of ensuring that our returning servicemen and women who have served so honorably have access to the benefits that we have earned is indisputable. The fact that Kuster has received over $50,000 in contributions connected to, which called General David Petraeus, ‘General Betray us’, says more about her campaign than any of us standing here can."

Bass concluded, “Annie Kuster is misrepresenting the facts about my record because she knows she is wrong on the issues that matter most to veterans and all Americans.   She supports Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi’s failed policies, promising to spend more, add to the deficit, increase taxes, and cost us jobs.  What’s worse, she continues to push for a health care plan that expands government even more than ‘Obama-care’, the misguided government takeover of healthcare that will hurt veterans.  The VFW is opposed, I am opposed, and most Americans are opposed.”

Kuster’s Record of Failure on Veterans Issues:

1)      Kuster supports cutting off funding for troops in harm’s way

“Kuster wants to pull U.S. troops from Afghanistan in order to concentrate on a more focused counterterrorism campaign on a global scale. She has said she would have opposed a funding bill for additional troops in order to send a message to Congress. Swett said that would signal a lack of support for the troops.”         Associated Press, 9/10/10

2)      Kuster supports the Obama-Pelosi health care reform that the VFW says “betrays” veterans

VFW Press Release, March 21, 2010

3)      Kuster accepted the endorsement of and has taken nearly $50,000 funneled to  her by, which called General David Petraeus, the commander of our forces in Afghanistan and a resident of New Hampshire CD-02, “General Betray-Us.”


Highlights of Bass’ Record of Support for Veterans

1)      Helped ensure that the Manchester VA Emergency Room would remain open.

2)      Fought for the passage of legislation granting National Guard and Reservists access to Tricare

12/19/2005 RC 665 -

3)      Recognized leader in the Concurrent Receipt debate, which allows military retirees to collect VA Disability and Earned Retirement Benefits, and continues to support legislation expanding that benefit to include all veterans, not just those who are 50% or greater disabled.

11/7/2003 RC 617 -

10/9/20            04 RC 528 -

4)      Voted to prevent protesters at military funerals, helping to get the Respect for America's Fallen Heroes Act enacted into law.

5/9/2006 RC 129  -

5)      Voted for increased benefits for service members that suffer from a traumatic injury while serving our country

5/5/2005 RC 161 -


Veterans for Bass Coalition Co-Chairs


Paul J. Chevalier- Hudson

NH Senator Sharon Carson- Londonderry

Dave Learned – Rumney

Jim Belanger – Hollis

Kay Tomlinson – Hopkinton

Charlie Kurtz – Errol

Bill O’Mahoney – Pembroke

Jim Steiner – Concord

Bill Modis – Amherst

Richard Foote – Swanzey

Don Dwight – Lyme

George Beaumier – Orford

The Hon. Lynn Blankenbeker – Concord

The Hon. Dennis Fields – Sanbornton

Bob Giuda, Warren

John Graham, Goffstown