CHQ - Watch Richard Viguerie confront Kathlee n Parker and Eliot Spitzer in Primetime Showdown over CNN’s Liberal Media Bias

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Watch Richard Viguerie confront Kathleen Parker and Eliot Spitzer in primetime showdown over CNN's liberal media bias
YouTube - Richard Viguerie appeared on CNN's new "Parker Spitzer" primetime news program last night, fresh off of having criticized the network (and the hosts) in a scalding op-ed that appeared in the Washington Examiner in August. Viguerie admitted that he was "surprised to be here" and then confronted former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer and columnist Kathleen Parker directly on the show's lack of true depth in representing conservative ideas. The exchange was thought provoking as well as entertaining, with Viguerie refusing to yield in challenging the pair.

Viguerie versus Parker Spitzer
CHQ blog -- Eliot Spitzer announces CNN is not liberal. Kathleen Parker nods in agreement. Viguerie speaks to the 80 % of Americans who think otherwise (although they aren't watching Parker Spitzer).

Richard Viguerie will receive a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Western CPAC
Western CPAC -- The Western Conservative Political Action Conference at the Radison Hotel in Newport Beach, California, will honor Viguerie at the closing session on Saturday, October 16.

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