CHQ - The Democrats’ Public Enemy No. 1: Conservative Donors

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The Democrats' Public Enemy No. 1:  Conservative donors - Liberals are overtly attempting to squelch conservative free speech by targeting Republican donors with hate campaigns.  Malkin says the liberals hide their true intentions by labeling such efforts as "disclosure," but their actions betray their true aims, which are clearly bent on seeking out and destroying anyone who might get in their way.

We can't solve America's budget problems without changing the culture
American Thinker - Jeffrey Rendall acknowledges that America faces a difficult situation with government budgets exploding out of control, but wonders whether correcting these issues will ultimately solve our country's real problem, asking "are we tough enough as a culture to do what it will take to fix our society?" 

The risk of post-election Republican betrayal, and what you should do about it -- Pajamas Media

Texas Rep. Joe Barton:  "I was Tea Party before it was cool" -- Daily Caller

The crumbling RNC is being replaced by independent groups -- American Thinker

Why liberals don't get the Tea Party Movement -- Wall Street Journal

John Gizzi updates three more House races that are important to conservatives -- Human Events

Republican candidates' cash haul is hopeful sign heading towards Election Day -- Politico

Quin Hillyer:  Republicans can go "Back to the Future" for tips on how to govern next year -- American Spectator

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