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Gordon Duff
How Drug Money Is Buying Our New Congress

Supreme Court Ruling a Drug Barons Dream

Republicans and "Tea Party" candidates are expecting to take over congress in a very few days, a "big win" totally underwritten with drug money.  There is no secret about it.  By June, $200 million in "foreign" contributions had already come into the GOP and Tea Party and not one cent of it is accounted for.  It is "corporate" money, money that doesn't have to be American, doesn't have to be legal, money that would put any normal American in prison for years if they had one cent in their pockets.  The $200 million is laundered drug money, much from Afghanistan but much also from Mexico, those drug cartels that are buying America's Southwest, the same cartels that did so well during the Bush years when the border with Mexico was open and totally unwatched.
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