AFP - A Big Day in Nevada


What a day in Nevada and what a big weekend coming up.

First, Nevada. We joined our friends from the Tea Party Express at one of their bus tour rallies in Las Vegas with over 1,500 fired up activists. CLICK HERE for pictures.

After being in Nevada for the fifth time this year I can tell you this much - Nevadans don't like the policies of Harry Reid and his big government friends like Congresswoman Dina Titus.

Thanks to the Reid\Pelosi\Obama agenda, Nevada has the highest unemployment rate and the highest home foreclosure rate in the nation. What's the answer from Harry Reid? Vicious, personal attack ads on TV and radio against those who believe there's a better way. People are sick of the attacks and the excuses from the Left.

At the Tea Party Express rally, we ran one of our Americans for Prosperity Freedom Phone banks. Using our laptop computers wired to the AFP database and their own cell phones, folks made hundreds of calls to their fellow Nevada residents detailing for them the records of Harry Reid and Dina Titus - voting for the health care takeover, passing the failed $814 billion "stimulus" and pushing the cap-and-trade energy tax.

One 30ish guy with his two kids by his side told me at the rally that he's an employee of Boeing and because of the Reid\Obama health care takeover, his insurance benefits are being cut back and the cost is going up. He said, "I've always heard the term ‘big government' and didn't know what it meant to me. Well, now I know." Then, he sat down and made a dozen Freedom Phone calls!

That brings me to this weekend. We're holding our 2nd National Freedom Phone-a-thon and I'm asking for your commitment.

We need to make at least 25,000 calls this weekend to key citizens to make sure they know about the record of the big spending, big government politicians.

Will you do your part by pledging now to make some calls for freedom? CLICK HERE

What's your number for freedom?

Is it 10 calls or 25 or maybe even 100?

Please join your fellow grassroots freedom fighters from across the nation now in doing your part. Click here to make a pledge.

It's fast. It's easy. Most of all - it's a crucial way you can make a difference for our nation and our principles.


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PS: At the Tea Party Express rally tonight radio host and great American Roger Hedgecock made the point that we're winning with the American people not because we're great at communicating and not because we have tons of money or the national media with us. No, we're winning because the American people are WITH US on the issues. He's right.

You can confidently make these Freedom Phone calls and knock on doors secure in the knowledge that most of your fellow citizens agree with us: government is too big, too wasteful and it kills jobs and prosperity. CLICK HERE TO JOIN US.