Bass For Congress - The Union Leader Endorses Charlie!


Dear Supporter,

The Union leader endorsed Charlie today! Take a second to read the endorsement by clicking below:

Union Leader:
Bass For Congress - Correcting a Big Mistake

"The people of New Hampshire want representatives in Washington who will put the brakes on the Obama agenda, not accelerate it. In the 2nd District, that means electing an actual moderate, not a liberal who pretends to be one. It means electing Charlie Bass."

"Politically, Bass is more independent than Paul Hodes ever was and than Ann McLane Kuster ever will be. He's a common-sense moderate, not an idealogue. He knows that the people want Washington to cut spending and taxes, shrink the debt and stop runaway government growth. He will vote to do those things. Ann McLane Kuster will not."

Also, I hope you have taken the chance to watch the campaign's new ad, Kuster's Kitchen. It is getting rave reviews from supporters and undecided voters! Please forward it to your friends:

Watch "Kuster's Kitchen" here:

Thanks for your support - 14 Days to Go!

Brad Blais
Field Director

P.S.- Every dollar counts! Please contribute $10, $20, $50 or more today to help Charlie keep "Kuster's Kitchen" up on tv through the election!