CHQ - Richard Viguerie: The Statist, Ruling Class's New Hero -- Bill Buckley?

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Richard Viguerie:  The Statist, Ruling Class's New Hero -- Bill Buckley?
American Thinker - Richard Viguerie chastises statist, ruling class liberals who invoke the name of conservative legend William F. Buckley, Jr. to try and bolster their stale and faulty arguments against limited government and constitutional conservative candidates. "I wish [Buckley] were around to see this (new conservative) movement, especially emerging out of the disastrous past decade of big-government Republicanism, and to refute the statists and ruling class members who have misused his name for their own ideological purposes," Viguerie argued.

The conservative movement mourns Dr. Mildred Jefferson, one of the pro-life cause's greatest leaders
New York Times - Pro-Life crusader Dr. Mildred Jefferson died last Friday at her home in Cambridge, Massachusetts at the age of 84.  "I am at once a physician, a citizen, and a woman, and I am not willing to stand aside and allow this concept of expendable human lives to turn this great land of ours into just another exclusive reservation where only the perfect, the privileged, and the planned have the right to live."

Even John McCain says Republicans betrayed conservatives -- ABC News (blog)

Sen. Lisa Murkowski's campaign is being funded by 'rent-an-Eskimo' racket -- Washington Examiner

Sarah Palin says the GOP cannot survive without the Tea Parties -- Politico

California GOP Senate candidate Carly Fiorina is winning over conservative skeptics -- Washington Times

Robert Stacy McCain:  They're mad as hell in New York -- American Spectator

Tea Party candidates getting massive cash infusion from small donors -- Hot Air

And, yes, America does fund Tea Party candidates - The Stir

Sharron Angle hits 50% and three-point lead in the post-debate Rasmussen poll -- Rasmussen Reports

GOP Senate hopefuls narrow focus on agenda next year:  cut spending significantly and repeal Obamacare -- Wall Street Journal

Social conservatives can only offer lukewarm support of would-be Speaker Boehner -- Daily Caller

CHQ friend Ralph Benko takes home the top Trophy for "People's Choice." He is now, officially, the People's Choice for his work in teaching regular citizens how to use the Web to transform the World.

GOP Holds Leads of 48%-43% in Registered Voters; 53%-42% high turnout; 56%-39% likely turnout -- Gallup Poll

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