Concord-The House Republican Alliance (HRA) announces its legislative agenda for 2011, focusing on: Jobs and the Economy; Education; Personal Liberty; and Affordable Government. “Besides providing a budget balanced without accounting gimmicks or additional taxes, we believe these are the most important areas for legislation this coming session. We have proposed bills in each of these four key areas that will help to restore prosperity, reestablish New Hampshire as a state that attracts newcomers, and encourages its citizens to live their lives with minimum government interference”, said Representative Pam Tucker, R-Greenland, HRA co-chair.

Listening sessions were held this summer to collect information from various constituencies, focus attention on the most critical areas, and identify needed legislation.  Over fifty Representatives and candidates for the State House met with business and social groups, state agencies, employers, taxpayers, and other interested parties, then filtered hundreds of ideas into these, the most critical legislative needs of the next biennium. “Of course, we're individually submitting other bills, and many of those will be supported by the HRA. The Legislative Agenda defines the bills that the HRA members will be leading, lobbying for, and working together to pass. These are the big ones,” said HRA co-chair Representative Bob Mead, R-Mont Vernon.


1.                 Increase Net Operating Loss limits.

2.                 Guarantee Right to Work.

3.                 Allow purchase of health insurance policies across state lines.

4.                 Reduce Business Profit Tax rate.

5.                 Repeal health insurance mandates (LSR 2011-H-0090-R).

6.                 Reform reasonable compensation allowances for business tax purposes (LSR 2011-H-0160-R).

7.                 Study ALL business taxes to make NH more competitive.

8.                 Analyze streamlining business licensing and permitting.


  1. Constitutional amendment to correct Claremont decision.
  2. Redefine educational adequacy (LSR 2011-H-0122-R).
  3. Provide property tax abatements for home or private schooling (LSR 2011-H-0070-R).
  4. Remove the Department of Education's authority over home schooling (LSR 2011-H-0013-R).
  5. Resolution rejecting foreign educational standards, such as the International Baccalaureate.
  6. Impeach the Commissioner of Education for creating rules contrary to law.


  1. Parental notification before performing abortion on a minor (LSR 2011-H-0008-R).
  2. Parental rights declaration (LSR 2011-H-0081-R).
  3. Repeal same sex marriage (LSR 2011-H-0003-R).
  4. Alaska-style concealed carry handgun permits (LSR 2011-H-0012-R).
  5. Allow video and audio recording of public officials (LSR 2011-H-0068-R  & LSR 2011-H-0089-R).
  6. Healthcare freedom (LSR 2011-H-0084-R).
  7. Join Obamacare lawsuit (LSR 2011-H-0072-R).
  8. Repeal state acquiescence to Obamacare (LSR 2011-H-0166-R).
  9. Proclaim State's Rights.
  10. Jury nullification (LSR 2011-H-0091-R).
  11. Allow defendants to appeal rulings of the human rights commission to court.


1.     Change rule-making process so all rules meet legislative intent (LSR 2011-H-0086-R).

2.     Reform Election Law: require photo ID to vote; inhabitant status on ID; clarify domicile requirements. 

3.     Authorize state enforcement of immigration laws.

4.     Reform the state employees pension system (LSR 2011-H-0137-R & LSR 2011-H-0144-R).

5.     Create a defined contribution pension plan for government workers.

6.     Disentangle state and federal government.

7.     Repeal evergreen clauses in government employee contracts (LSR 2011-H-0088-R & LSR 2011-H-0099-R). 

8.     Authorize municipal spending caps (LSR 2011-H-0073-R).


The NHHRA is comprised of members of the NH House of Representatives striving for

legislative support for bills supporting the NH and U.S. Constitutions and NH Republican party

platform. For more information, please log onto www.nhhra.org