NHDP - More Misinformation and Hypocrisy from the NHGOP

Concord - The New Hampshire Republican Party's hypocrisy reached new heights today, as they called for condemnation of ads launched by Citizens for Strength and Security, an independent 527 group.  During the past year, the NHGOP and their candidates have either remained silent on or defended the millions of dollars being spent by outside groups on their behalf.  In fact, this spring, when the National Organization for Marriage launched misleading attacks John Stephen's campaign issued a statement supporting the outside groups' activities. 

"Ryan Williams must have a severe case of amnesia," said Mike Brunelle, executive director of the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "Just a few months ago, the Attorney general's office ruled that out of state issue advocacy groups do not have to register with the Secretary of State."

"As a Massachusetts resident, it is understandable that Ryan Williams wouldn't understand New Hampshire law, or opinions delivered by our Attorney General, but the complaint he filed today once again proves that he also cannot read," continued Brunelle. "Unless he is going to call on the National Organization for Marriage, the Republican Governor's Association, Americans for Job Security, or any of the other shady right wing groups spending millions to stop running their ads, then his temper tantrum is nothing more than the height of hypocrisy."

"It's unfortunate that a Massachusetts resident is wasting Granite State taxpayer dollars on an issue that has already been settled," Brunelle added.