AFP - "Greeting" Obama in Portland, Oregon

What a day in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington!

For weeks now President Obama has been attacking Americans for Prosperity derisively asking "who we are" and denigrating grassroots activists like you. 

Well, today in Portland at 12:00 Noon we held an "I am AFP" rally to greet the President who arrived in town for his own speech.  CLICK HERE FOR PICTURES

And, click here to see the USA Today article headlined "Obama to see Americans for Prosperity in Portland."

We showed the President that AFP are folks from all walks of life united by their determination to protect our economic freedoms and take our nation in a different more prosperous direction. 

AFP is Michael Zokoych - who for 35 years has owned and operated "Michael's Chicago Beef and Sausage" restaurant.  Though in the heart of liberal Portland, Oregon Michael donated his parking lot for our "I am AFP" rally because as he told me "nobody is going to intimidate me into shutting up and letting my country go down the tubes."  By the way, I, and a whole bunch of satisfied AFPers, ate his sausage\beef combo hoagie with Jalapeno sauce and it was amazing.  CLICK here for a picture of the chowing down!

AFP is Shaylor Scalf from Lane County where he's a lay pastor and our AFP chairman.  Shaylor led a bus that made stops in Cottage Grove, Eugene and Albany to pick up fellow activists for our rally. 

AFP is Bonnie, a mother of 8 proudly wearing her "Navy wife" t-shirt with her kids in tow - all holding tea party and "I am AFP" signs. 

And, these are just some of the Americans that President Obama willfully chooses to attack in his "who is Americans for Prosperity" rants at his rallies.  How shameful.

But here's the good news - our fellow citizens are rejecting the President's divisive message just like they're rejecting his liberal, big government agenda.  We're winning with the American people and the Left is simply furious.

Later in the afternoon, we drove across the Columbia River into the 3rd Congressional district in Washington state.  There, we met a hardy band of AFP and tea party activists for one of our "freedom phone-a-thons" that contacted hundreds upon hundreds of households educating them on the voting record of their member of Congress who voted for the health care takeover.  CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS

Isn't it great to know that activists are fighting the good fight in the great Northwest part of our nation!

If you're not maxing out your grassroots involvement please do it now.  Make sure you will know in your heart that you did everything possible for freedom.   CLICK HERE to join up at

We're winning but we've got to keep fighting. 

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Today in Portland we showed President Obama it isn't a mystery who Americans for Prosperity is and tonight in Vancouver, WA AFP hit the phones and continued to promote our free market beliefs the same way that thousands of activists are delivering our message across the country.  We're hitting the home stretch and we need to finish strong.  Make sure to join the November is Coming effort if you haven't already and pledge to join us this Saturday, October 23 for our 2nd National Freedom Phone-A-Thon Day.  To make your Phone-A-Thon Pledge click here.