Bass For Congress - Bass Campaign to Kuster; "Defend Your Job-Killing Policies"

Concord, NH- The Charlie Bass for Congress campaign today called on Democrat Annie Kuster to defend the numerous policies she supports that would eliminate New Hampshire jobs.

“Annie Kuster promising to create jobs is like Barack Obama promising ‘hope and change.’   Read the fine print very carefully before casting your vote,” said Bass campaign spokesman Scott Tranchemontagne.   “Kuster’s unabashed support for the Obama-Pelosi tax hikes on New Hampshire businesses and cap-and-trade will cost New Hampshire more than 10,000 jobs alone.”

Pelosi-Obama-Kuster Job-Killing Policies:

1.       The Kuster tax hike on New Hampshire businesses - not extending the 2001, 2003 tax hikes on the so-called “wealthy”, which will impact LLCs that earn more than $250,000, will eliminate more than New Hampshire 3,400 jobs.    Heritage Foundation.

2.       The Kuster tax hike on New Hampshire businesses (see above), according to respected economist Dennis Delay, “would be a $300 million hit to New Hampshire.” Union Leader 9/22/10

3.       Kuster supports the Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade legislation that will eliminate 6,500 – 9,500 New Hampshire jobs.  National Association of Manufacturers.

4.       Kuster supports the big-government, big-spending Stimulus Solution that has not created new jobs, as we have lost 2.6 million jobs since the stimulus was passed - and has not lowered unemployment  which has grown from 8.6% to a current 9.6% and rising.

5.       Kuster supports the trillion-dollar “Obamacare” reform which will raise costs and impose fines on businesses, killing jobs.  Specifically in New Hampshire, it “will place huge financial burdens on New Hamsphire’s tourism-related businesses,” and could lead to millions of dollars in fines on New Hampshire resorts.  Union Leader, 5/26/10

6.       Nationally, Kuster’s support for Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama’s government takeover of health care will result in a net job loss of 670,000 across the America, according to a Heritage Foundation study.

“As for the topic of ‘outsourcing’, Annie Kuster should explain to voters why she proudly lobbied for Merck, which also happens to be a large outsourcer of jobs in the drug industry,” concluded Tranchemontagne.   “Kuster wasn’t so concerned about American jobs being shipped overseas when the company that was outsourcing the jobs was sending her checks for lobbying.”

“The pharmaceutical giant known as Merck came under fire in July 2008 when Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio sent a letter to the company's president requesting detailed information about their outsourcing to India practices. Senator Brown's letter was prompted by an announcement made on Jan. 9, 2008 by Richard Spoor, Merck's senior vice president of global procurement. Spoor stated that by 2010, Merck plans to outsource about 35 percent of the company's pharmaceutical ingredients and packaging. The senator also sent a letter to the FDA, which expressed his concern about how countries with weaker safety standards might produce contaminated drug ingredients.”

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