Len Britton for US Senate VT - Give Leahy 42 Years and Kiss Your Gun Rights Goodbye

In the past two years, Senator Pat Leahy has been busy squiring anti-gun Supreme Court nominees to the bench.  Though his actions are not surprising given his leftist ideology, deliberate attempts have been made to hide the anti-gun agenda of recent nominees. During Justice Sotomayor’s confirmation hearing, Senator Leahy asked, “Is it safe to say that you accept the Supreme Court’s decision as establishing that the Second Amendment right is an individual right? Is that correct?”Sotomayor replied, “yes, sir.” Unfortunately, Justice Sotomayor’s actions on the bench have already contradicted her words.  In the McDonald vs. Chicago case, Sotomayor ruled against an individual’s right to bear arms, violating judicial precedent established less than two years ago in the Keller vs. District of Columbia.  In a recent interview with the Times Argus, Leahy stated that he wanted be elected so he can squire more SCOTUS Justices.

“Senator Leahy pays lip service to the importance of the Second Amendment, but his record paints a different picture." Britton stated.   "He has received an ‘F’ rating from the Gun Owners of America.  He promised Sotomayor would protect gun rights, instead she voted against the Second Amendment in the first case she heard.  This is not a Republican or Democrat issue. Gun rights are paramount to Vermonters and if Leahy is reelected, you can kiss your gun rights goodbye" Britton concluded.