Due to requests from around the state and indeed around the country (I have a cousin who's a blackjack dealer in Las Vegas--Go, Angle, Go!--and other relatives in Vermont), Manchester TV has made special arrangements to have More Politically Alert downloadable so you can watch on your computer any time you desire

Due to budget cuts (thanks Mayor Gatsas!); this service is no longer available for all shows.  However, More Politically Alert will be available to watch any time at:

Today's show is posted now, but usually it'll be up around 5 p.m. Thursday.

The show will continue to air live Wednesdays at noon from our plush and not overly ostentatious studios on Elm Street.  More Politically Alert can still be viewed live on the WWW the four times it’s on.  Go to and click on public access.

There's been one change in air times.  We're now on:  

Wednesday at noon

Thursday at 9 p.m. (formerly 6 p.m.)

Sunday at noon

Tuesday at 11 p.m.

With 13 days to go before the election, this week's show was more than jam packed, especially because the final half hour was devoted to interviews with two candidates:

District 18 State Senate candidate Tom DeBlois and

Ward 2 State Rep candidate Cameron DeJong

In the first half hour, I run down the latest indicators for the election (generic ballot, Presidential approval, right track/wrong track, and Congressional approval).  I also spend some time reviewing a Gallup analysis going back to 1946 and showing there's a direct relation to a President's popularity and the number of seats his party loses in Congress.  For example, Clinton, at 66 percent, led Dems to a five seat gain in 1998.  Clinton, at 46 percent, led Dems to a 53 seats loss in 1994.  Worst ever--in 1946, Truman with 33 percent popularity oversaw a loss of 55 Dem seats.  When George W. Bush rated 63 percent in 2002, GOP gained 6 seats (best since the data is recorded).  In 2006, Bush was at 38 percent and Republicans lost 30 seats.   It's all on MPA, either downloaded or at the regular times this week.

Also, MPA is endorsing only 13 candidates, two at the county level, one for state senate, and ten for Manchester Rep (and guess what, since MPA is not a partisan show, there are indeed Democratic endorsements--liberty-minded people all!!)

There's much more, but this isn't the place to get into controversy.  We'll save that for the show.  I could easily have done two hours this week.

As promised, after the election, I'll dig into past years for golden items (my brother in Vermont managed to locate a couple of VCRs still operational, and I've been going through old shows--great stuff--yes there is that scene from Amsterdam with you know who telling a Dutch boy what he'd like to do to him--time will tell whether I use that, but not for a while).