NH DOC - Granite State High School Inmate Graduation Ceremony Recognizes Five

(Concord, N.H.)  The New Hampshire Department of Corrections announces that five inmates at the New Hampshire State Prison for Men in Concord received their diplomas on Tuesday during the 2010 Granite State High School graduation ceremony.  Commissioner William L. Wrenn congratulated the offenders and awarded them their diplomas.

The Corrections Special School District is a fully functioning high school that is run at the Concord facility through the Bureau of Programs. The inmates receive their diplomas from after completing the required number of classes and credits like in any New Hampshire public high school.

“Obtaining a high school diploma is a significant accomplishment for each of these men and one that will play an important part in helping them to be successful when they are released from prison,” Commissioner Wrenn said.

Three of the five inmates were in attendance for the ceremony.  The other two have been granted parole.