False Claim Used by Kuster Refuted by State Officials

Concord, NH - In a development that casts doubt on Democrat Ann McLane Kuster’s credibility as a candidate for Congress, the Kuster campaign today admitted in a press report that it has fabricated a major plank of its platform on the most important issue of the day - jobs.

As noted in a Nashua Telegraph article today, Kuster has repeatedly and falsely claimed in speeches and interviews that a business in Nashua has cut 4,000 jobs.

“As she has done several times previously on the campaign trail, Kuster on Wednesday mentioned a Nashua business that had sometime in the recent past cut 4,000 jobs, but she again didn’t name the company.”

The article continues, citing two state officials who refute Kuster’s claim.

“Steve Boucher, of the state Division of Economic Development, and Bruce DeMay, director of the state Economic Labor and Market Information Bureau, said there have been no such layoffs of that size in recent memory not just in Nashua, but in the entire state.”

When pressed to explain why the Kuster campaign has been using false information to promote its proposals, the Kuster campaign admitted that they were just repeating something they heard from someone, without bothering to check the facts.

“Following the teleconference, Kuster’s campaign manager, Colin Van Ostern, said Kuster heard about the 4,000 job-layoff from a voter and passed along his story.

Kuster and the campaign didn’t know if the voter meant the 4,000 figure was over a long span of time or the cumulation of jobs lost nationwide to a company based in the area.

Charlie Bass for Congress campaign spokesperson Scott Tranchemontagne said, “This is indicative of how the Kuster campaign operates.   They fabricate or repeat false information simply to make a point.  These are serious times and this is the most serious issue of the election.   To knowingly repeat false information about New Hampshire job losses just to make cheap, political points is shameful.   New Hampshire voters deserve to hear the truth from Annie Kuster.”

Tranchemontagne noted that this is the second time in the span of a week that Kuster has been caught not telling the truth about an important issue.   Last week Kuster launched a false attack on Bass regarding veteran’s issues, falsely claiming that Bass voted to cut veterans benefits.   In a Thursday, October 14 press conference, leaders of New Hampshire veterans’ organizations endorsed Bass, and refuted Kuster’s false attacks. 

Paul Chevalier, a Veterans for Bass Coalition co-chair, said at the press conference, "As the past State Commander of the VFW, I find Annie Kuster's line of attack as dishonest as it is disgusting. For someone who has no public record of helping veterans to claim that Charlie Bass cut veterans’ benefits - when she and her campaign know that it is a flat out lie - disrespects every veteran in New Hampshire. She should be ashamed of these tactics and we call on her to apologize to our nation's veterans and the voters. The bill she cites in her negative attacks actually increased veterans benefits by $4 billion dollars. Only in the mind of someone that will say anything to get elected could this be considered a cut."

Tranchemontagne concluded, “Instead of her so-called ‘Jobs-Tour’, Annie Kuster should embark on a ‘Truth Tour’ and stop fabricating stories and false attacks for political gain.   New Hampshire voters deserve the truth from Annie Kuster, and an honest discussion of the issues, as opposed to talking points that she blindly repeats without checking to see if they are true.”