CHQ - Liberals Belittle Conservatives and Tea Party Supporters

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Liberals belittle conservatives and Tea Party supporters
Politico--The New York Times ' Maureen Dowd writes that Sarah Palin "has made ignorance fashionable."  MSNBC's Rachel Maddow mocks Republican candidates.  Pennsylvania Democratic Governor Ed Rendell said, "Ours is a complex message.  The Tea Party message is pretty easy and simple and direct."  Belittling the intelligence of conservatives has been tried before.  It was a tactic liberals used against a candidate for president in 1980: Ronald Reagan.

Michael Barone:  Tea Party neophytes outshine the Democrats' old pros
Washington Examiner - Michael Barone thinks the media has it all wrong in assessing America's Tea Party-supported candidates, arguing that instead of trying to portray them as a bunch of inexperienced bunglers, the real story of 2010 is that these conservative newcomers seem to have terrific political instincts. Barone highlights a number of Senate and House races that demonstrate his point, all with so-called "neophyte" politicians who are holding their own nicely against incumbents who many not so long ago considered untouchable.

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