NHDP - Some of The People Answering John Stephen's Call for Birthday Gifts

Concord - In honor of his 48th birthday today, John Stephen has been requesting money, but some of his friends from the past decided to send him special greetings instead:


"Johnny, thank you so much for recommending a pardon for my arson conviction. I hope you can get it done for me if you're elected. Happy 48th!" - Sparky 


"Love being a foster parent! Thanks so much! Happy Birthday!" - Felons of New Hampshire


"We've had a lot of laughs together. The time you tried to get me the child support enforcement contract was the best! Happy Birthday, pal!" - Deadbeat Dad

"John, we are not sending you a present, as you said you would volunteer and then charged us $370 thousand." - The people of Rhode Island


"Happy 48th John.  I was going to send you a cake but thought a doughnut would be more appropriate.  Or do you still want checks?" - Massachusetts Business Owner

"Everything you need to know about John Stephen can be learned from his involvement with the list of people sending him birthday wishes," said Mike Brunelle, executive director of the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "He simply can't be trusted to manage New Hampshire."