NRSC - Don't Let Them Steal This Election

With less than two weeks to go there's a lot of work and little sleep to be had by anyone on a campaign or at the NRSC. As Sen. Cornyn told you on Tuesday, we have nine U.S. Senate races where polls show it's just too close to call and every minute is being spent working towards victory on November 2nd.

But there's something else that keeps me up at night beyond tight poll numbers.


We saw it happen in 2008 in Minnesota and we cannot let the Democrats try to steal any of these seats. With polls showing so many of these races tight you know they're going to try. That's why we have lawyers ready to be dispatched at a moment's notice on Election Day.

But that means the fight could last beyond November 2nd , and we have to be prepared. We are half way to the $100,000 goal Sen. Cornyn set on Tuesday. This money will do a lot to help us with any last minute spending for victory on November 2nd, but will also help make sure we're funded for any recounts or legal challenges that come our candidates' way on November 3rd.

Will you make a donation right now of $25, $50, $100, $250 or $500 to help us make sure we're have all we need for victory on November 2nd, but are also ready for any recounts that come our way on November 3rd?

We're spending money in Alaska, Washington, California, Nevada, Colorado, Illinois, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. We can win, but the races are getting tighter every day and we have to be prepared for any recounts or legal challenges.

Will you help us reach our $100,000 fundraising goal and make a donation right now? I thank you so much for all your help thus far and I know you're just as ready as I am for Election Day to get here. But there are a few more days left to make a difference and now is the time to act.


Rob Jesmer
Executive Director, NRSC