Sam Adams Alliance - New Podcast: America's Next Generation, Part II


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America's Next Gen II

We're back with part II of our podcast on America's Next Generation. In part I, we talked to college student leaders about how their generation will inherit tomorrow's America.  Today, we catch up with some well-known 20-somethings to get their take.

Nicole Johnson, Miss California USA 2010; and Terrence Austin, a rookie receiver with the Washington Redskins, talk to us about who and what has inspired them, and whether they think teens and 20-somethings of today are ready for the responsibilities that lie ahead. Then, we talk to a senior at Princeton University involved in tons of clubs, associations, and charitable groups ; who tells us the famous people who have inspired her to stay active.

Each of our guests are members of the Ronald Reagan Centennial Celebration's national youth leadership committee. 
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