CHQ - Viguerie Launches Petition, With a Goal of a Million Names, to End Federal Funding of National Public Radio (NPR)

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Viguerie Launches Petition, With a Goal of a Million Names, to End Federal Funding of National Public Radio (NPR) - Richard Viguerie saw National Public Radio's firing of moderate liberal Juan Williams (for comments Williams made regarding Muslims) as a deplorable censorship of ideas by the ruling class elites, and says the time has come for conservatives to call for the defunding of NPR.  To that end, Viguerie is circulating a petition with the goal of gathering one million names
to terminate federal funding of NPR, which will be sent to members of Congress.

Michelle Malkin:  Firing of Juan Williams takes away any credibility that NPR ever had - Like Richard Viguerie, Michelle Malkin was utterly disgusted at the notion that National Public Radio would fire moderate/liberal commentator Juan Williams for merely expressing his opinion on Muslims and post 9/11 travel. 

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