NHDP - New Hampshire Democratic Party Launches "FrankGuintaLies.com"

New website highlights Frank's mystery bank account and campaign lies


Concord - Today, the New Hampshire Democratic Party launched a new website, www.frankguintalies.com, highlighting the first Congressional district nominee's bank account scandal, blatant lies on the campaign trail, and fleeing the scene of a bar fight, that sent a man to the hospital, without calling the police or an ambulance.


"If Frank Guinta isn't willing to be honest with the voters of the first Congressional district on his own, then we will help him," said Harrell Kirstein, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "Why did Guinta flee the scene of a bar fight without calling the police?  Why won't Guinta release his bank statements and prove this mystery account is his own?  Why didn't he admit he has federal school loans?"


"While Mr. Guinta may never willing answer any of those questions, his silence does say one thing loud and clear," added Kirstein.  "Frank Guinta simply can't be trusted."


Click here to visit FrankGuintaLies.com