Peter Angerhofer (R-NH Sen Dist 21) Endorsed By the Fosters Daily Democrat

Foster’s Daily Democrat proclaims “hands-down support” to State Senate District 21 Candidate Peter Angerhofer

Dover, NH- Today the Foster’s Daily Democrat endorsed Peter Angerhofer for State Senate.  The Republican from Durham is challenging Amanda Merrill for the District 21 Seat. Foster's is endorsing Peter Angerhofer for the District 21 Senate seat, which serves Dover, Durham, Epping, Lee and Rollinsford, because he is someone “who has ideas, understands the urgency of state finances and can work across the aisle.” The endorsement continued “In the case of the District 21 state Senate race, Foster's Daily Democrat's hands-down support goes to Peter Angerhofer. He will be the kind of senator with ideas that work for all New Hampshire residents, regardless of party affiliation.”

“It is an honor to receive such strong support from The Foster’s Daily Democrat.” said Angerhofer “Foster’s understands that this election is crucial to our State and that we need to elect people who not only have new ideas but understand how to work with both sides to fix the major problems that our State is facing.

“I believe the Foster’s endorsement reflects a growing understanding across this District that the current leadership has failed to adequately respond to the state’s fiscal crisis.  We need leadership that is able to think creatively about the challenges we face, craft viable solutions, and advocate for them aggressively.  I have a track record of solving difficult problems, and I’m pleased Foster’s recognizes that I’m ready to tackle the challenges currently before the State Senate.”

Peter Angerhofer is a Durham businessman who has spent 17 years working with hospitals and other large healthcare institutions.