Bass For Congress - Kuster and Her Stories

Annie Kuster knows she can’t win by touting her support for the failed stimulus package and the rest of the big government, tax and spend agenda being set by Obama and Pelosi. With nowhere else to turn, Kuster has resorted to distorting the truth and misleading voters about Charlie and his record. Please contribute $10, $25, or $50 to help Charlie fight back against Kuster's stories!

Now Kuster is taking her story telling to a whole new level. The Nashua Telegraph was the first to report Annie’s questionable claims:

“As she has done several times previously on the campaign trail, Kuster on Wednesday mentioned a Nashua business that had sometime in the recent past cut 4,000 jobs, but she again didn’t name the company. Steve Boucher, of the state Division of Economic Development, and Bruce DeMay, director of the state Economic Labor and Market Information Bureau, said there have been no such layoffs of that size in recent memory not just in Nashua, but in the entire state.” (Nashua Telegraph- October 21, 2010)

Now other media outlets are getting in on the story - read the latest in the Concord Monitor - 4,000-job layoff nowhere to be found.

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Charlie knows that if the people of New Hampshire know the truth, there is no question where they will stand on Election Day. Charlie’s a true fiscal conservative that will go to Washington and clean up the mess that has been created by the disastrous Obama-Pelosi agenda.

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David Kanevsky
Campaign Manager

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