Bass For Congress - There's No Debate - Kuster Would Kill More than 10,000 NH Jobs

Concord, NH- While Democrat for Congress Annie Kuster dodged a debate with Republican Charlie Bass today - as she prepares to renew her vow of support for the Obama-Biden economic agenda Monday - the Bass campaign is reminding voters that Kuster’s proposals are projected to kill more than 10,000 jobs in New Hampshire.1, 2  

On Thursday, the media and State officials questioned Kuster’s repeated claims that a company in Nashua has “lost 4,000 jobs.”   When asked to verify the claim and identify the company in question, Kuster’s campaign admitted in a Nashua Telegraph article that they were simply repeating a line they heard from a supporter, but didn’t bother to verify it.

“As she has done several times previously on the campaign trail, Kuster on Wednesday mentioned a Nashua business that had sometime in the recent past cut 4,000 jobs, but she again didn’t name the company.

“Steve Boucher, of the state Division of Economic Development, and Bruce DeMay, director of the state Economic Labor and Market Information Bureau, said there have been no such layoffs of that size in recent memory not just in Nashua, but in the entire state.”

“Following the teleconference, Kuster’s campaign manager, Colin Van Ostern, said Kuster heard about the 4,000 job-layoff from a voter and passed along his story.

Additional media outlets, including the Concord Monitor, 4,000 Job Layoff Nowhere to be Found”, also reported on Kuster’s fabrication, including Kuster’s promise to continue using it.

“Van Ostern said Kuster would continue using the Nashua anecdote in her campaign.”

Friday, Bass challenged Kuster to meet him at the alleged Nashua company on Sunday to debate the job preservation and creation issue.   Kuster declined, but soon announced that Vice President Joe Biden would appear in Nashua Monday on behalf of her campaign.

“Kuster’s claim is obviously false, as are her attacks on Charlie Bass.  But her plan to raise taxes on New Hampshire businesses and her support for the Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade measure – which together would kill more than 10,000 jobs in New Hampshire is painfully real,” said Bass for Congress spokesperson Scott Tranchemontagne. 

“Joe Biden and Annie Kuster will lock arms in Nashua and promise to create jobs,” Tranchemontagne predicted.  “Voters need only look at the Pelosi-Obama-Biden record on jobs thus far – 19,000 jobs lost in New Hampshire over the past 4 years – to know what they will get with Annie Kuster.  If they want to kill more New Hampshire jobs with tax hikes on businesses and more wasteful Stimulus spending, then Kuster is their candidate.”


1.      The Kuster tax hike on New Hampshire businesses - not extending the 2001, 2003 tax hikes on the so-called “wealthy”, which will impact LLCs that earn more than $250,000, will eliminate more than New Hampshire 3,400 jobs.    Heritage Foundation.

2.      Kuster supports the Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade legislation that will eliminate 6,500 – 9,500 New Hampshire jobs.  National Association of Manufacturers.