Karen Testerman - Now Is the Time


The time is now!

Next week we will choose between government dependence and individual responsibility.  One path will lead to liberty, the other to the further demise of our nation as our founding fathers intended.

New Hampshire was built on the backs of responsible individuals who bore the consequences of their actions.  We became the most prosperous and influential nation in the world because we were free -- free to succeed, to grow, to be creative, to be involved and free to fail.  There were no elite government officials picking and choosing winners or losers. 

Election day we will choose the direction of our nation will follow -- freedom or statism.   We will chose freedom or more nanny state interference and control.  We can actively participate by casting our ballot, or we can passively participate by staying home.   Either way we will be choosing the path New Hampshire will take.

Several of you have approached me with frustration on the results of the primary.  In your mind, the ideal candidate did not survive.  You feel conflicted in casting your vote for the winner.  "Maybe it would be better to let the other party win.  We'll replace them next time around" or "I can't vote for a less than perfect candidate."  There has only been one perfect person in history and he was nailed to a cross.  We are all flawed.

Let me remind you of a similar situation six years ago when the Republican establishment got their knickers in a knot and kicked out Craig Benson because he didn't play their political favoritism games.  For the past six years we have not been able to replace the "popular" Lynch.  Look at what it has cost New Hampshire economically and socially.

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with 2nd District Congressional candidate, Charlie Bass, to candidly discuss his candidacy.  I believe that Charlie will represent the citizens of New Hampshire far better than his opponent.  The letter he sent me as a result of our conversation is attached.  Please vote for Charlie if you live in the 2nd Congressional District.  Please encourage other 2nd CD residents to vote for Charlie even if you live in the 1st CD.

I am also attaching the "Pledge to America" and the current Republican Platform.
This is where our job will begin.  Use this as a score card and stay informed. Let Charlie know your expectations, and hold him accountable.

Remember, next week we will choose which path our government will take.  Will it be one that protects our liberties or one that chooses who will win and who will lose?

For our families,

Bass Letter      Pledge to America      NH GOP Platform