Bass For Congress - On Jobs, Voters Can Choose Kuster-Biden-Obama or Vote for Change

Concord, NH- As Annie Kuster embraces Vice President Joe Biden in Nashua today, the Charlie Bass for Congress campaign defined the choice voters face next Tuesday.   A vote for Kuster is a vote to continue the failed policies of the Obama Administration.   A vote for Bass is a vote to check the Obama-Pelosi-Kuster big government agenda.

“Since Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats took over Washington, 19,000 New Hampshire jobs have been lost.   It is time for change in Washington, now,” Bass said on a media conference call today.   “Annie Kuster is literally standing with Joe Biden today, and by extension, with Barack Obama and their political soul mate, Nancy Pelosi.”

Bass continued, “When it comes to protecting existing jobs and creating new ones, I favor less government intrusion, while Annie Kuster favors more government manipulation.  I believe it is not the government’s task to create jobs, while Kuster believes it is, and proudly supports the wasteful, failed Stimulus plans.  I believe government should enact policies that support real growth in the private sector that will allow companies to create long-term jobs.    Kuster believes the government should be pouring trillions of taxpayer dollars into a so-called Stimulus package.”   

Bass noted that voters need to look very closely at Kuster’s rhetoric on jobs, versus the policies she supports, because they don’t match.   For example, Kuster opposes extending the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts for the so-called “wealthiest” among us.  This means she supports raising taxes on many small businesses in New Hampshire with gross earnings over $250,000.  

“Kuster does not understand how most small businesses operate and are taxed in New Hampshire.   By not extending those tax cuts, she will be raising taxes on small businesses that gross more than $250,000 in earnings – even though the small business owners themselves are not earning that $250k in salary.   The owners may be using that business income to pay employees, or invest in the business in other ways.   But that doesn’t matter to Kuster.  She thinks these small business owners are the ‘rich’ among us, and she supports hiking their taxes.   This Kuster tax hike alone will cost New Hampshire 3,400 jobs according to the Heritage Foundation.”

Bass also noted Kuster’s support for the Waxman-Markey cap and trade legislation, which Bass opposes.  A National Association of Manufacturers study demonstrates that this national energy tax will cost New Hampshire between 6,500 and 9,500 jobs, as well as raise electricity rates for everyone.

“These two Kuster positions alone – not extending the tax cuts, and supporting cap-and-trade – will cost New Hampshire more than 10,000 jobs.   Voters need to know what they are signing up for with Annie Kuster,” said Bass.

Bass concluded, “Voters also must know that Annie Kuster fought to kill the ‘New Hampshire Advantage’ and impose an income tax by working for Mark Fernald in his campaign to defeat then-governor Jeanne Shaheen.   One can only imagine how many thousands of New Hampshire jobs would have been lost if Annie Kuster and Mark Fernald’s radical income tax plan had succeeded.”   

The Bass Plan to Stimulate the Economy and Create Jobs:

    1. Reduce the corporate tax rate so businesses can compete in the global economy and stay in the U.S.
      1. America levies the 3rd highest corporate tax rate in the industrialized world, which stifles growth and job creation and makes it difficult for American companies to compete.


    1. Extend the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts on small businesses.
      1. Failure to extend all of the current tax cuts will cost the New Hampshire economy $300 million next year, according to respected economist Dennis Delay. It would also destroy 3,400 jobs in New Hampshire, according to the Heritage Foundation.


    1. Continue and strengthen tax credits for investments in new plants and equipment.
      1. Reducing the cost of equipment and infrastructure encourages businesses to invest in growth.


    1. Make the Research and Development tax credit permanent.
      1. Americans lead the world in the development of new and innovative products and technologies – we need to continue that leadership.


    1. Lower the cost for employers to hire new workers by establishing a short term payroll tax holiday for small businesses and their employees. 
      1. Over this period, businesses will have extra money to invest directly into their business and employees would see a bump in their paycheck as a result of eliminating their share (6.2%) of the payroll tax.
      2. Hiring a new employee oftentimes costs a company a third of the individual’s salary.


    1. Establish targeted tax credits for employers to deduct a portion of qualified training expenses and other costs associated with hiring a new employee.
      1. Businesses need an educated and well trained workforce to compete in the global economy.