NHDP - Will John Stephen, Frank Guinta, and the NHGOP Finally Denounce Hateful GraniteGrok?

Republican activist calls state Representative at "two dollar whore"

Concord - In a hateful, misogynistic rant, prominent Republican activist and GraniteGrok.com blogger Steve McDonald called Republican state Representative Jayne Spaulding "a two dollar whore," and compared her a "jilted ex-girlfriend" and "bitter clinger."   He finished his outrageous tirade by telling Rep. Spaulding to "grow a set."

"Will any of the Republican candidates refuse to accept GraniteGrok's endorsement?" asked Harrell Kirstein, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. 'Will they demand their campaign logos not be displayed next to this outrageous hate?  Failure to denounce this kind of rhetoric shows New Hampshire women exactly where Stephen, Guinta, and the rest of the Republican Party stand on hateful, sexist discrimination."

Despite numerous other offensive outbursts the website continues to be a hub of Republican activism.  They have endorsed several Republican candidates such as John Stephen,  Frank Guinta, and multiple state senate and legislative candidates, including William O'Brien, a Republican candidate for speaker of the New Hampshire House.

Republican state Senate candidate Ray White was mentioned in today's post.  John Stephen, Frank Guinta, William O'Brien and other Republican candidates have been interviewed by the website, and invited some of its representatives to "live-blog" their campaign events.

"Will John Stephen, Kelly Ayotte, Frank Guinta and Charlie Bass finally denounce hateful GraniteGrok?" continued Kirstein.  "Or are they simply okay with having their campaigns associated with this kind of hateful rhetoric against women?"

The text of the post is below and can be found here.



GraniteGrok: Jayne Spaulding-Say Hello To My Woodshed

Steve MacDonald

Jayne Spaulding is a RINO.  The voters in her district grew weary of her brand of left leaning republican governance and used the primary ballot box to excuse her from participating in the 2010 general election, deciding instead on other choices made available to them.


Jayne, like several other RINO's in New Hampshire who have been the victims of "fringe elements" (aka-voters) have suddenly lost faith in the secret ballot now that it has become a capricious scold; tossing her to the curb like a two-dollar whore.  How dare the electorate that once embraced Jayne Spaulding refuse to show up to ensure her tenure in the New Hampshire House.  Clearly this is a mistake, the doing of some sinister cabal of right wing special interests and conservative extremists.  They can't possibly have decided to take the state in a different direction from that of moderate Jayne Spaulding?


No word yet from Jayne on the possibility of claiming that foreign campaign dollars polluted the district to marshall her undoing.  But give her time.  She's got all the other left wing excuses working.


You see RINO's. like democrats, are not responsible for themselves.  They have to blame someone else for everything that happens, or happens to them, including their unexpected relegation to the political wilderness.  The fact that her own constituents were more excited about someone else (everyone else) can't possibly be her responsibility.  She has to be a victim.


This kind of caterwauling is instructive.  Jayne is showing you that she has become an incompetent campaigner, that she feels a sense of entitlement, and that people who disagree with her or choose someone else when given the opportunity, are rubes who have been mislead.  So she now thinks her voters are stupid; believes they are not bright enough not to be fooled.  But then she proves all of their instincts correct in response--Jayne Spaulding is a democrat in training who has finally found a way to come out of the closet.


In true liberal-childlike fashion Jayne is getting even.  She's using what she assumes incorrectly to be martyrdom and endorsing the democrat for the State Senate, while smearing the Republican.  And wont that just fix their wagon?


Sorry Jayne, but probably not.


Having failed to get enough votes for any of the six GOP spots in your own House district this year does not give you some kind of political sway with voters because you won big back in 2008.  That would be on par with letting the jilted ex-girlfriend tell you whom you should date next.  It's the sign of a bitter clinger, is suggestive of self importance, and potentially an early sign of progressive derangement syndrome.  Face facts Jayne, you not only lost you lost big.  In fact you were "refudiated!"  Treating the voters like they were moronic dupes is not going to add to that abysmal tally.


We see this disregard for the intelligence of voters in Ms. Spaulding's bemoaning of Dave Danielson's loss as a shock; as if it is proof of her claims.  What is really does is demonstrate her complete disconnection from the electorate that denied her as well.  Danielson may be a good and decent fellow but he was trounced by a more conservative opponent.  You do not get trounced across the most republican district in the state and then get away with claiming most republicans are not that conservative as Spaulding attempts to do.  That just gets you laughed at.  This was a declaratory statement against anything that even hints at more of the democrat agenda she has helped advance.


But that's hardly the worst of it. In the course of her endorsement for the democrat she acts like she's transposing from Ray Buckley's palm card.  Bob Jones (D) is a tolerant and moderate thinker, like most real republicans. (I'm paraphrasing.) Ray White (R) is the radical, which she then demonstrates through misquotes, and a liberal weakness for exaggeration.  It is obvious that the GOP does not see how her brand of moderation will help the cause, obvious to everyone but Jayne Spaulding.


Republican and independent voters feel that much of the excess spending, taxes and fees, and even the time wasted on bathroom/gender politics during "the worst recession in history" could have been prevented but for moderate RINO's like Spaulding who tolerated it, or voted with the democrats to pass it.  There is no other explanation for Spaulding's meteoric fall from grace in just two short years than a renewed understanding of what moderates like her are willing to sacrifice to feel like they belong to both parties.  But you can't serve two maters and protect liberty and the voters made that clear.


So the end result is a Jilted RINO, acting like a progressive, endorsing a democrat.  That might excite a few democrats, and it will certainly make for a nice press release, but anyone who might take stock in such things is either a democrat or already in denial. 


Of course it may never have occurred to them or to Jayne Spaulding, that she could be just as effective at advancing her moderate agenda as a voting democrat legislator.  Why not moderate a bit more and run from the left? 


Any real Republican knows why she can't do that.  The Buckley and Sullivan democrats would never elect her, or support her, and if she did somehow manage to get into office the liberal leadership would suppress her moderation and drive her to the left with the rest of the sheep.  The very trait she insists we embrace is in abstenita among those she would bend over to appease, and one they will not tolerate from their own.


The GOP is shedding RINO's because voters can see what people like Spaulding do not. The only one giving any ground are Republicans, and they have had enough of Republican complicity in the  liberal/socialist creep that is leading us towards one or more broad based taxes.  That's why so-called republicans like Spaulding, Dokmo and DiFruscia got the boot.  We have democrats for that.  If you want to be a moderate and slow the creep in your own way then stand up for your moderation, grow a set, and then do it from their side of the aisle.


The email attributed to Jayne, sent to her supporters, follows


Dear Friends-


I am writing to ask you to consider Bob Jones for State Senate. This may come as a surprise to you because I am a Republican, and Bob is a Democrat. We do not agree on all issues, but one thing we have in common is a willingness to listen to both sides of an issue. This is a strange time in politics. A small fringe group within the Republican Party is waging a civil war and has no tolerance for moderate thinkers. Dave Danielson's loss in the primary election came as a shock. I do not believe most Republicans are extremists; I think most of us are more mainstream. Bob Jones' opponent in this senate election is, in my opinion, an extremist. He told me he wants to eliminate public kindergarten, most public services, and plans to only go to Concord for one year out of the two of the session. This is not representation.


I have known Bob Jones for many years. He is a man of integrity and honesty. He has served Bedford as a volunteer in several organizations (I have gotten to know him in his role as Chair of the Bedford Land Trust.) His website has more biographical information if you wish to know more.


If you, like me, want your State Senator to make intelligent, balanced decisions and further expect that your Senator will listen to you no matter which political party you belong to, then please vote for Bob Jones.


Thank you,

Jayne Spaulding


I think what people want Jayne, is someone who will stand up to the spending and taxes and nonsense, and that's neither you, nor anyone like you.  Your inability to grasp that is not our problem.  But I hope Bob accepts your endorsement.  It will likely widen the margin of Ray White's victory.