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Hello Project Censored Supporters!
For almost 35 years, Project Censored has catalogued and analyzed the most undercovered stories that the corporate media ignore or distort (  Over the years, we have tried to support independent media and give more life to the most important stories that We the People need to hear about in order to make sound decisions about how we participate in our purportedly free society.  

Project Censored is now teamed up with over 30 colleges and universities in efforts to counter corporate media propaganda and ongoing Junk Food News with our Validated Independent News and College and University Affiliates Program.  
At Project Censored, we are not just chronicling underreported stories, we are working to create an alternative to the top-down-managed-news propaganda system that permeates American media, especially the corporate outlets.  This year's annual Censored volume contains new research on our current Truth Emergency and it also introduces our new Project Censored International section.  Part of these efforts are to recognize the international framework of media censorship, and part is to work together with like-minded parties to counter the information dissemination problems we see.  Working with Be the Media is one such endeavor we invite you all to explore and participate in if you are able to act on your concerns about the current media climate.

We are happy to announce our continued partnership with David Mathison and Be the Media for the upcoming BOSS series!  David contributed a chapter to this year's Censored volume on his important work on strengthening independent media possibilities.  We salute his efforts and appreciate his willingness to help Project Censored raise money by enrolling in his BOSS program for any interested parties.  There are many media experts involved in this seminar, and Be the Media is offering them all in one place!
 See details about the Project Censored interview on the New Indy Renaissance Call!  Here is the link:

We are happy to recognize the start of a new independent media renaissance!  Previously journalists and artists had to bow before powerful corporate gatekeepers to have their message heard – no more.  We're talking about an Independent Media Renaissance.  

We recently joined David Mathison of Be The Media for a powerful interview on how anyone can publish their work independently without the need for abusive contracts or deals, and without the usual filters of corporate media.

 Register to watch the interview fr_ee below:  CLICK TO REGISTER  Join us Wednesday, Oct 27 at 8pmET / 5pmPT for this call.  This is the perfect interview for activists, authors, artists, journalists, filmmakers, musicians, and anyone with a message to share.

 It is one of 16 sessions that teach individuals the secret to independent media success.  CLICK FOR MORE INFO  Here’s the BEST news of all:  Enroll now in BOSS 2010 and the Media Freedom Foundation/Project Censored receives 40% of the sale! The Blockbuster Online Success System!  That’s right… you will get an education in how to achieve independent media success while supporting the important cause of Project Censored.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE OR ENROLL  Only by working together can we achieve real change in spite of an industry and media controlled by a few major corporations.  This is exactly the kind of partnership that will let us do that –  Be the Media's BOSS program can give you the tools to get your message out, and your enrollment will go toward supporting our important mission.

Remember, don't just hate the media, BE the Media and support Project Censored today!