Shea-Porter - Frank Guinta Can’t Be Trusted to Run Manchester or Pay His Own Bills, How Can He Be Trusted to Fix Our Economy?

NEW HAMPSHIRE – As both the mayor of Manchester, and as a candidate for Congress, Frank Guinta has demonstrated a complete lack of honesty, judgment, and accountability.  During Guinta’s tenure, Manchester’s unemployment rose, crime shot up, and failing schools nearly tripled.  Yet in an October 2010 debate, Guinta said he would take the same approach in Congress as he did as mayor of Manchester.

“Frank Guinta was a terrible mayor, and the city of Manchester suffered because of his poor leadership,” said Shea-Porter spokeswoman Jamie Radice. “Maybe if Mr. Guinta wasn’t so busy being interviewed by police about his involvement in a violent bar brawl, he could have done a better job at managing New Hampshire’s largest city.  He’s not only ineffective, he’s incompetent; and Granite Staters deserve better.”

In addition to his disastrous term as mayor, Guinta also has a troubling financial record. Frank Guinta talks a big talk about his plans for the economy, but how are Granite Staters supposed to trust him when he can’t even manage his own money? In 2008, Guinta was forced to pay more than $3,000 in back taxes and nearly $300 after failing to pay his sewage bill. 

“It’s no surprise that Mr. Guinta has to be forced to pay his bills; he thinks that the rules don’t apply to him,” Radice continued.

If that wasn’t enough, Guinta has also refused to answer legitimate questions surrounding a mysterious bank account containing $500,000 which he is now using to finance his campaign. A recent NHPR investigative report highlighted the inconsistencies in Guinta’s story, and according to WMUR Political Scoop, “Guinta has called the mystery bank account a clerical error, but he has refused to show bank records to prove it's not a new account, which would be an illegal campaign donation.”

“For months, Guinta has lied to the people of New Hampshire about the $500,000 slush fund he is using to finance his campaign, and it’s insulting to voters everywhere,” Radice said.   “Frank Guinta continues to thumb his nose at the law, and he has no place creating legislation.