AFP - Running for the Tall Grass

When does a member of Congress decisively lose touch with his or her district?

At what point does a politician put Nancy Pelosi and a radical agenda above the American Dream?

Today, I'm writing you from the road in the 9th District of Virginia and sadly the congressman here, like many Washington politicians, crossed that line on June 26th of last year.  CLICK HERE for pictures.

That day, Congressman Rick Boucher cut the deal that passed the disastrous cap-and-trade energy tax through the House of Representatives.  Many more members of Congress did the same thing on March 21st when they passed the health care takeover.

Now, literally hundreds of these same politicians are sprinting for the tall grass - desperately trying to avoid talking about their votes for cap-and-trade and\or the health care takeover and the "stimulus" spending bill. 

In fact, to listen to their speeches and tv ads you'd think these big government politicians are actually free market conservatives!  Remember when Nancy Pelosi actually told us that as speaker she would end all these budget deficits? 

Well, let's make sure that our fellow citizens know the truth about their voting records.  Let's make sure that we knock on every door and make every phone call to remind people of the health care and cap-and-trade and "stimulus" votes. 

You can do this through our November is site.  If you've not made one of our "freedom phone" calls then sign up and join this effort today.

You will be joining literally thousands of AFP activists just like you who have made over 100,000 calls to educate their friends and neighbors on the tax-and-spend big government agenda that is bankrupting America.  

There is Rick W. from Illinois that AFP has endearingly named The Phonenator!  Rick has made over 7,000 calls, because as he says "Big government and out of control spending are destroying our children and grandchildren’s futures." Or Craig L from Colorado who has been one our top callers since September. Craig is committed to the cause of freedom and, through the years, has made thousands of phone calls. Craig calls because "we have a country to save."   Click here to see some of our phone banks across the country, then Click here to join the effort.

There will never be a better or more important time for your grassroots work.

Thanks for all you are doing.  Keep up the fight.

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PS:  President Obama continues his personal assault on Americans for Prosperity.  His 18th attack on us and you occurred during his speech in Providence, RI. 

This Friday in Charlottesville, Virginia and Saturday in Philadelphia AFP will be "greeting" the President with activists and our November is Coming bus.  Stay tuned for more details!  And, get signed up for today.