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Voting for Life? Use Facebook and Twitter to Get the Word Out!

The new Voting for Life campaign is a powerful tool for pro-life activists to influence the upcoming 2010 election. With critical voting information, a pro-life scorecard, social networking tools, and even an “I’m Voting for Life” bumper sticker - it’s a must for Americans who want to replace this Congress with a pro-life Congress. 

New Feature: Use Facebook and Twitter to tell everyone you are voting for life by clicking here and lending your image to the cause.

Thousands joined the new effort last week, and many more are signing up every day. Keep the momentum going - go to, sign up, and pass the word on to family and friends. On November 2, politicians will get a clear message that Americans are Voting for Life.

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Election 2010: Yoest Calls on Pro-Life Activists to Win for Life

With the November elections around the corner, AUL Action is pulling out all the stops to make life count in 12 Congressional races which hold the key to electing a pro-life Congress. The “Life Counts” campaign, which focuses on politicians who supported taxpayer-funded abortion in health care, is in its final full week.

“We’re pushing hard and we’re staying focused,” Dr. Charmaine Yoest, President and CEO, told Bench Briefs. “Strong, continued action from pro-life activists at the grassroots level is the key to victory. If we’re going to send a message to Washington that we reject taxpayer-funded abortion, now is the time. We need to win in November- that’s how we’ll protect the unborn in the next Congress.”

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Now Available for Download: New Bench Briefs Podcast

Want to keep up on the latest Life news? This week, we’re pleased to announce the Podcast version of Bench Briefs, which will be available soon on iTunes. Every week, we’ll give you the latest download on important issues in Washington, in the courts, and in all 50 states. We’ll talk to pro-life leaders, activists, and experts from coast to coast. So, tune in to Bench Briefs every week, and click here for more information.

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