Bass For Congress - Anit-tax Leader Tom Thomson Endorses Charlie Bass for Congress

Conservative Leader Points to Bass’ Strong Record of Cutting Taxes

Concord, NH- The Bass for Congress campaign has announced the endorsement of renowned anti-tax advocate and conservative leader Tom Thomson of Orford, New Hampshire. Thomson, the son of late New Hampshire Governor Meldrim Thomson (R), has led the fight against new and higher taxes across the state. Bass joined Thomson at the family’s tree farm in Orford this weekend to accept the endorsement (see attached photo).

“I am honored to have the support of fiscally conservative leaders in New Hampshire like Tom Thomson and I look forward to working together to restore New Hampshire values and Yankee frugality in Washington,” said Republican Charlie Bass.  “Our state and country cannot afford to send Annie Kuster, an unabashed supporter of Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi, to Congress.  Kuster has vowed to support their failed agenda of out-of-control spending, Obamacare, jobless stimulus bills and record deficits. New Hampshire voters are calling for change, now.”

Thomson cited the fact that Bass was one of the first candidates for Congress in the 2nd District to sign an Anti-Tax Pledge. Thomson also noted his support for Bass was due to Bass’ pledge that if elected he will: 1. Work to cut federal taxes and fees 2. Immediately reduce federal spending 3. Reduce the size of the federal government and 4. Uphold the constitutions of both New Hampshire and the United States. 

Thomson stated, “For voters in the Second District who are concerned with the direction in which Congress is taking us, including higher taxes, more spending, and bigger government, I implore them to support Charlie Bass on November 2nd. Charlie is the only candidate in this race that has an actual record of voting more than seventy times to cut taxes and reduce spending.   Bass should be the only choice for conservatives in this election.”

Thomson noted that Bass’ opponent, Democratic attorney and lobbyist Ann McLane Kuster, refused to even accept a copy of the pledge via certified letter that was personally mailed to her campaign. To this day, Kuster has never signed the anti-tax pledge. Thomson said, "that says an awful lot about a person, certainly one that I would not want representing me in Washington, DC!” Thomson encourages all New Hampshire conservatives to join him on Nov. 2nd and vote for Charlie Bass.