Bass For Congress - Eagle-Tribune Endorses Bass for Congress

Eagle-Tribune - October 27, 2010

Editorial: Guinta, Bass for Congress in New Hampshire

The Eagle Tribune Wed Oct 27, 2010, 12:45 AM ENew Hampshire voters can't be happy that their two representatives in Congress have given their full support to the unprecedented levels of deficit spending, punitive regulation and the expansion of an all-intrusive federal bureaucracy.

Spending money one doesn't have, job-killing regulation and government meddling in private matters — that's not the New Hampshire way.

Voters on Nov. 2 will have the opportunity to change course with the election of two new members of Congress committed to reversing these dangerous trends.

In the 1st District

We support Republican Frank Guinta over incumbent Democrat Carol Shea-Porter.

During Guinta's four years as mayor of Manchester, he worked with Democrats on the Board of Aldermen to lower taxes and reduce violent crime rates. Guinta's administration instituted new, computerized methods of tracking crime and put more police officers on Manchester's streets.

As a member of Congress, Guinta would re-examine the health care reform proposal Congress passed with little public support. He concedes that full repeal of the measure is unlikely but he has a number of proposals to improve health care delivery and reduce costs.

Guinta believes members of Congress must have a substantial debate on the future of Social Security before the program collapses into bankruptcy. That's been impossible, Guinta says, as Democrats have turned Republican efforts to discuss Social Security into a tactic to scare voters.

Guinta supports tax reduction efforts such as an extension of the Bush tax cuts. This will restore confidence in the business community and provide the predictability business owners need to begin expanding and creating jobs.

Guinta is the clear choice over the disappointing Carol Shea-Porter for voters in New Hampshire's 1st District.

In the 2nd District

Voters in New Hampshire's 2nd District would do well to return Republican Charlie Bass to Congress after a four-year hiatus.

Bass is a quintessential Yankee Republican — conservative on fiscal matters, more moderate on social policy. Bass says the massive deficits and growing debt under the Obama administration prompted his desire to return to Congress.

New Hampshire voters won't see any such spending restraint from his opponent, Democrat Ann McLane Kuster. Among her policy proposals is a tax on carbon, a measure that would increase energy costs for all.

Bass says it's critical that Congress discuss reforms of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, gigantic entitlement programs that are headed for insolvency. But unlike health care reform, these proposals must be developed in full view of and with the support of the American people, Bass says.

Bass is the best choice for voters in the 2nd District.