Concord, NH- The campaign for Republican Charlie Bass unveiled new television and radio advertising today which reminds 2nd Congressional District voters that Democrat Annie Kuster will continue Paul Hodes’ legacy of supporting Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi’s big-government, deficit-spending agenda – and take it even further.    The ads, which begin airing today, can be viewed on the Bass for Congress YouTube Channel.   On TV, there are 30-second and 60-second versions of the spot.   A 60-second ad is airing on radio.

Script - :60 Radio – “Annie and Paul”


Disclaimer: I’m Charlie Bass and I approve this message.


Announcer: What’s the difference between Annie Kuster and Paul Hodes?

Hodes thinks the government knows best; Kuster too.

Hodes is a liberal: Kuster:  even more liberal!

Hodes voted with Nancy Pelosi 94% of the time, Kuster’s promised to do the same.

Hodes supported the failed economic policies of Obama and the democrats, the failed stimulus, job killing deficits and government bailouts; all of which have left us with nearly 10% unemployment. Kuster - more of the same.

There is one difference between Hodes and Kuster: Hodes voted for Obama-Care; Kuster doesn’t think Obama-care goes far enough! She supports a government takeover of health-care more radical than Obama-Care!

Paul Hodes and Annie Kuster:

 Hodes is out;

 Kuster …. She’s just” way out!


If you’ve had enough of Paul Hodes the last thing you need is Annie Kuster!


It’s time to change Washington now.  You can do it on November 2nd.


Script - :30 TV – “Annie and Paul”

Disclaimer:  I’m Charlie Bass and I approve this message


Announcer: Annie Kuster and Paul Hodes:


Hodes is a liberal; Kuster-more liberal.


Hodes voted with Pelosi and the Democrats 94% of the time-Kuster will do the same.


Hodes and Kuster both support Obama-Care, the failed stimulus and trillion dollar job killing deficits.


The good news: Hodes is out.  The bad news: Kuster’s way…WAY out!


Kuster in Congress?


Just like 2 more years of Paul Hodes!

Enough is enough!