CHQ - Viguerie and Allen don't bite on Parker Spitzer's attempt to create dissension between conservatives

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Viguerie and Allen don't bite on Parker Spitzer's attempt to create dissension between conservatives one week before election
CNN - Richard Viguerie and former Virginia Sen. George Allen appeared on CNN's Parker Spitzer program on Tuesday night, where liberal host Eliot Spitzer and Kathleen Parker tried to create news by pitting Viguerie against Allen on the reasons why the Tea Party was created.   Viguerie focused on the 80 years of politicians' expanding government so they can be re-elected. Allen stayed on the message that this election is a referendum on Barack Obama, government spending deficits, and taxes. 

Viguerie also laid it out: to reduce the national debt and save the country from bankruptcy, systematic changes are needed in government.  That's why the Tea Party, with its emphasis on opposing the ruling class and returning to constitutional government, is right on track.

The Tea Party Movement started brewing under George W. Bush (blog) - Blogger Timothy Dalrymple takes on the liberal notion that America's Tea Party Movement only evolved last year in response to the election of a black president, providing evidence that conservatives, including Richard Viguerie, were objecting vigorously long before that. 

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