NHDP - With a Week to Go Ayotte Campaigns Hard in...Washington, DC?

Concord, NH - With a week to go and candidates up and down the ballot pounding the pavement and traveling throughout  New Hampshire's cities and towns, Republican establishment candidate Kelly Ayotte has taken a decidedly different route. Instead of handshakes and discussions with Granite State voters, Ayotte headed back inside the beltway for a high-dollar fundraiser to pick up special interest cash from Washington Republicans who expect her to do their bidding in the U.S. Senate.


"Somebody should remind Kelly Ayotte that New Hampshire elections are decided here in New Hampshire, not in the exclusive back rooms of Washington D.C.," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Press Secretary Emily Browne. "This trip down to D.C. shows the Granite State exactly what kind of Senator Kelly Ayotte would be - one too busy rubbing elbows with Washington lobbyists to stand up for the people of New Hampshire.


"Instead of jetting down to DC, maybe she should come home and try explaining to voters why taxpayer-subsidized health care was good enough for her, but middle class families don't deserve affordable care. She should explain why she stood up for Wall Street while our Main Streets were struggling to stay afloat. She should explain her opposition to the Recovery Act, which saved the jobs of teachers, firefighters, and police officers here in the Granite State. And she should explain why she has sprinted away from her record as attorney general.

"Perhaps Kelly decided on one last swing to Washington because she knows that when New Hampshire votes on November 2nd, they're not going to send a Washington-picked, special interest-bought, Sarah Palin-endorsed candidate to the US Senate to represent them."


Ayotte will attend a fundraiser at the Caucus Room in Washington, D.C. today, with tickets ranging from $500-$2,000 dollars. [Politicalpartytime.org, 10/26/10].